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Brahmnarayan Brahmbhatt
B.M. Brahmbhatt
Banglow no 12,Arohi Residency,
Behind Sobo Center,Gala Jim Khana Road,
S.P Ring Road,Bopal,
Mrs Kusum.B.Brahmbhatt
She has also helped in this dedicated work.
Kusum B Brahmbhatt
  • The issue whether there exists ‘God’ or not is being debated widely all over the world. Author has got the comforts of life by the Grace of God in which he has got the realisation of God.
  • The author had experienced the great invisible, indestructible original and eternal divine power which operates in the universe, controls each and every atom of the universe, and takes the universe towards its definite special objective.
  • He also experienced the power which by becoming specialised Human being in every nook and corner of the world and diverting Human society to a definite path. Indian scriptures gave the name to this power as “Narayan”.
  • The author had the Darshan of this power in the form of “Brahmnarayan” and “Brahmlaxmi” The author had the good fortune to wander in all the Godly lands, observation of which made the value of all physical properties and all powers worthless.
  • The author practiced the Godly directives received during the last twenty years to realise this. In 1985 he wrote down the booklet “Cosmic Music” based on the godly sentiments.
  • But he received the directive of the God that he should not release the same book at that time but only worship it and that is what the author did and did nou release the same
  • Any one would have lost patience during the 15 years period which the author passed in worship. It was December
    1999 when the author received the ‘Godly enlightenment through, Shri Ramkrishna and “Mas”. frankly confess that the book does not contain my intelligence, wisdom or thoughts I have only projected, the message in original received by me due to the grace of “Maa” and Reverand Ram Krishna Paramhans.
  • As you will read the book chapter by chapter. there will be divine rays and emotions coming out of your heart This book is originally in Gujarati but my close friend a journalist-Shri H.P.Shah who has done the English translation with keen interest taking much pains. I am indebted to him. I am also graceful to Suresh Prajapati, Tapan & Bhavnaben who helped me continuously in my this project The hearty Co-operation given by Uday Jagushte in publishing This book, I consider it as a godly grace.
  • I Pray to god that all those who read this book are given strength to identify, realise and experience the God.