Glory and Importance

  • Shardamani spoke :
  • The knowledge given to Bhanu is earth’s great nectar.(1)
  • By reading this, horizons of knowledge will expand.(2)
  • The path of life comes towards Satvikta.(3)
  • By reading the book before the idols Brahma Narayan and Brahma Laxmi, the happiness and prosperity increases in home. No economic difficulties are ever faced in the home.(4)
  • If you study daily one chapter of this book and completing this dialogue during the month it will destroy all the difficulties, diseases and worries.(5)
  • Whereever dialogues are being read the power of Hanuman and power of Ganesh have to remain present. This is because they are undivided part of Narayan Bhav. Therefore no
    impediment of any kind can arise and pains of all types of Grahs (stars) will automatically be pacified.(6)
  • If these dialogues are studied 101 times with great faith you will have the Darshan of Brahm Narayan and Brahm Laxmi form.(7)
  • The DIVINE LIGHT of MAA YOGAMBA automatically comes. Yogamba’s light also comes whereever this book is being read. With the coming of this light all kinds of unhappiness and
    pain are reduced.(8)
  • We come out of DIVINE LIGHT to give knowledge and guidance to our devotees as soon as they remember Ramkrishna and me. This is scientific fact of highest level of spirituality. The spiritual
    high level of all the religions is to merge with Divine Light. After that if any person prays and remembers God in whichever form, the very same form comes out of the Divine Light. These
    facts will be established scientifically in the world.(9)
  • Bhanu’s pure and Satvik affiliation with the heart came through Ramkrishna’s photograph. A person who does not know much about Ramkrishna’s life and his Ashram but only by that
    erson’s affiliation, Ramkrishna’s blessings shower on him and Ramkrishna sprinkles the water of knowledge. This has now become a fact.(10)
  • Thinking and Manan of this knowledgeful dialogue open up the gates of ignorance and bring knowledge and light.(11)
  • If there is any calamity or difficulties or if you want to get something in that case Light the Lamp and incense stick before the idols of Brahma Narayan and Brahma Laxmi and by urging,
    requesting or demanding take a pledge to read these dialogues and actually read the same. There will be automatically transformation in Prakruti and your work will be done.(12)
  • You should not entertain any blind faith in your brain and should read it faithfully.(13)
  • If any one is not in a position to read this dialogue in that case pray with chanting of Brahm Narayan and Brahm Laxmi with the help of a Rosary.(14)
  • You should do a rosary atleast five times a day so that there will be automatic awakening of Satvikta in the heart. The theme of your life will go on changing and you will go forward
    with happiness, peace and prosperity.(15)
  • On annual basis also you should set aside nine days and during that period and during that time you should read 1250 rosaries of Brahm Narayan and Brahm Laxmi. Not a single day you should skip Mantras. By
    doing this, automatically you will get the blessings of God. The streams of Prakruti will invisibly bring happiness, peace and prosperity. There will never be dearth of wealth.(16)
  • The devotees of Brahmnarayan and Brahma Laxmi never experience economic difficulties.(17)
  • There is immediate rise in the internal inspiration of the devotees and when they get control over the emotions and the emotions move towards Satvikta.(18)
  • These devotees should exercise Satvikta over Mann, heart and sight while reading particularly this book.(19)
  • Even while you are reading this book Satvikta is emerging in those who have come to listen and therefore they achieve higher movement. If the whole story is being heard attentively
    all sorts of unhappiness, Poverty and pains are destroyed.(20)
  • Any body who ridiculed this “BOOK” is bound to face his dawnfall and would have to undergo number of difficulties.(21)
  • By worshipping Brahma Narayan and Brahma Laxmi you would definitely get happiness and peace in your life so a programme of doing “Katha” should be done for the masses for the reading of this book. In that programme people at large should be invited by issuing invitations.(22)
  • Such a narration programme shall be of 3, 5 or 11 days.(23)
  • In this programme daily there should be “dhoon” of Brahma Narayan and Brahm Laxmi and dancing before the idol. One should dance without feeling shameful and do Sashtang Dandavat
    Pranam. You should pray the God emotionally and as a result of it tears should roll down from your eyes. In this condition you will get whatever you demand from the God. This is certain.(24)
  • If it is not possible to organise such an event by an individual in that case cooperation of a few others should be sought. Even if this is not possible the “Katha” should be held with the help of
    neighbours and family members.(25)
  • At the end of the “Katha” Prasad of fruits and Shira should be offered to the God and distributed to all with love.(26)
  • By doing like this, there will be Godly peace in life. The light of the Man increases and it ushers in economic prosperity.(27)
  • Because of the worshipping this “Paravani” (voice of God) starts. The man will have to take care that this “ParaVani” is not used to harass or hurting any one. This “Vani is to be used to remove
    unhappiness of somebody or reducing pains. By deep study of this book, there is unique emergende of “Para Vani” in the Man.(28)
  • By worshipping the Brahm Narayan and Brahm Laxmi through out the life, while enjoying peace and happiness the Man achieve the Brahma dham and merge with the DIVINE LIGHT.(29)
  • At the time of death by reciting the Mantras Brahm Narayan and Brahm Laxmi one can get BRAHMADHAM because this Mantra is recited at that time from heart and by reciting the
    Mantra from heart the Godly power automatically comes. With the arrival of Godly power all other powers becomes inactive.(30)
  • You dance with ectasy before the photograph of Brahm Narayan and Brahm Laxmi with faith and stand in the open with raised hands and your eyes fixed at the sky imploring Brahm
    Narayan and Brahm Laxmi. You should not be ashamed of any thing. You will automatically get the Darshan of Godly power, and you wil feel a Godly power coming in to you.(31)
  • While reading this book you should observe celebacy “Brahmcharya” on the day of “Katha”.You should observe fast and take milk at the time of prasadi.(32)
  • During the Navaratri by reading near the photograph of Yogamba and fasting for nine days, all types of the fire of three kinds are removed and happiness and prosperity are emerged.(33)
  • The whole life is changed and it moves towards Satvikta.(34)
  • This Glory and importance are described by me as per the desire of Ramkrishna and by the mandate of MAA YOGAMBA. Before reading the book you should read the Glory and importance. Without knowing the Glory and importance the reading of the book alone would result in failure so it is essential that this Glory and importance e read prior to the book.(35)
  • By reading this Glory and importance chapter the movements of man’s thought move towards Satvikta.(36)
  • I am concluding this Glory and Importance chapter by offering pranams to Ramkrishna and MAA Yogamba and also offering heart felt blessings to the reader of this glory chapter.(37)