Swami Adhyatmnadji

Shri Divyajivan Sanskruti Sangh,
Shri Shivanand Ashram, Jodhpurs Hill,


The mankind right from its emergence has been desiring for his own uplift and overall progress. In the stone age the man has the fear of fire, sun, rain and the wind. And therefore rituals like YAGNA were started for his peace and prosperity Thus emerged the KARMKANDS. The feeling of heart which were dry were softened with the help of recital of SAMVED and it became known the as ATMA SANGEET. (Music of soul). The mind of the man was trying to assess the depth of past. He took shelter of solitude in the forest and with the help of nature’s power he awakened the ATMA-CHETNA (Self- consciousness) by the feeling within himself. This SATVA known as ARANYA and the knowledge he received in wake of ATMA-ANUSANDHAN process. As a result, his face was light up and a halo was created which brought a number of MUMUKSHU near him and the UPANISHAD knowledge he received by sitting near him became known as the experience of self meditation which became known as the VAIDIC literature knowledge.

Brahma Narayan is one of such a lucky SADHAKS who has got blessings of God. The Nectar of knowledge which he received after thinking and getting SATVIK-ANUSANDHAN by the blessing of MAA YOGAMBA, Shri Shri Thakur Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev and Shri Shri MA Shardamani Devi. That knowledge is a ray to this world like a Godly message. It is an abridged GITA.

Shri Brahma Narayan has given us link for self-realisation even in the midst of the YUG PARIVARTAN and an increasing disturbances, nuisance and lack of harmony and mental uneasiness and the pain. It has been suggested at the end of this booklet that one should study this Gita. The reading of this Gita does not mean static reading. The meaning of every chapter has to be meditated, given proper thought and practising each and every word in one’s own life.

No purpose will be served in our life if we only worship the books containing the rules and regulations of Maharshi Patanjali and Buddha PANCHSHIL PREACHINGS or TEN of Jesus Christ. The implicit meaning of life and the SARTHATAKTA of life could be achieved by honestly SADHANA.

Shri Brahma Narayan has done ATMA-CHINTAN and ATM-ANUSANDHAN and whatever NECTAR he received with the blessings of shri Ramkrishna is contained in the Godly message of humane religion 2000. This is just like AMRIT-KUMBH(Pot of Nectar). I wish every one should drink drops from this nectar and make the life meaningful.