Chapter 16 – Devotion and Worship

Page No – 185
  • Bhanu spoke:
  • Oh, Brahma Narayan Swaroop, RamKrishna who is spreading knowledge of life like thousands of sun rays. I am saluting you crores of time.
  • Kindly accept my Sashtang Dandwat Pranam.(1)
  • Oh Deva, you told us to pray God with devotion. How it should be done? How the God can be pleased?(2)
  • Ramkrishna spoke:
  • Son, in my teachings of the knowledge I have told you about the various types of offering of prayer.(3)
  • However I am making you understand in detail. You belong to me and my blessings are with you.(4)
  • Page No – 186
  • For the very same reason I am getting done by you the worship of MAA for a number of years. Only by such worship Godly emotions has emerged in you.
    I have firstly prepared you from within so that you can get power in your mind to receive emotions. You have respected my mandate forgetting the world so the direction of your Karma is changed.(5)
  • Because of the change of direction your competence of the internal world is now capable to get me.(6)
  • I am immencely happy in giving you the knowledge then you get happiness of listening me from inside.(7)
  • I know because of this knowledge number of people will divert their life in the good direction and will do people’s welfare which will make the human stream happier.(8)
  • The God also wants this and therefore the God is putting people who can receive its message at various places under one or the other excuse.(9)
  • Such people are like T.V. stations. They receive such messages and relay all over. The man who join its connection to this T.V. station immediatly start getting the Godly messages.(10)
  • Page No – 187
  • Son, think, so many wars have been fought.A large number of people have been massacred.
    Many people have happened who were saying with proud that “only I am”, “There is nobody other than me”. But the God brought downfall of such people and established the fact that there is God.(11)
  • No where else on the earth a culture had developed but in India right from the Veda era. Godly voices were raised and emotions of God are being sung in India.(12)
  • In this country many Rishis and Tapaswis were born and had immersed themselves in God by devotion and worship.(13)
  • The bodies of these Rishis have immersed in this land of India and they crop up anywhere at anytime in the form of stream and they show the Godly path to other people.(14)
  • Thus India’s land, water and air are full of Godly emotions on the surface of the earth.
    In other countries despite a number of efforts the Godly emotions never manifested. While on the Indian land the manifestation of Good is very easy and in the said land the Godly emotions emerged.(15)
  • Page No – 188
  • I have to make you understand how to pray with devotion but before that it is essential that you should have unflinching faith and inside knowledge that there is God in the Man this world operate with Narayan BHAV.(16)
  • Once our intelligence and through intelligence our Mann concedes that this Narayan BHAV is within us and all pervading then there is no difference whether we call it God, Ishwar or Allah.(17)
  • These emotions are welfare oriented, auspicous, merciful and has the strength to destroy all sins. It has also the capacity to make us and through us the entire human stream becomes happy.(18)
  • Just like the elements of lust, anger, pride, greed, miserliness all are hidden within our body, similarly the Narayan BHAV is also hidden in us.(19)
  • This Narayan BHAV is within us. After having this type of scientific knowledge first unflinching faith should be created.(20)
  • Page No – 189
  • We should create stable trust that Narayan BHAV is in our body through light of Scientific knowledge and with full faith instead of by any blind faith or belief.(21)
  • Just like a doctor observes our organs, similarly we should examine our body within. This observations should be done and we should study the emperor of emotions within us.(22)
  • If we examine all the functioning of our body, we will learn that certain organs are functioning naturally and the Prakruti has produced the organs which function on their own for the body.(23)
  • The organs are provided for the benefit of the body such as hands, legs, eyes, ears etc. are working as per the order of the brain.
    Therefore you should acquire the knowledge that there is a relation between brain and the instinct.(24)
  • Thus you go ahead within you on a scientific basis so it would not be possible for blind faith or belief to enter in you.(25)
  • As you will know this intelligence you will also come to know by whom this intelligence is led. By that you will recognise the Mann.
    (Centre of thought)(26)
  • Page No – 190
  • This Mann has to be understood very much. We get the deep understanding scientifically from the Indian scriptures, according to which Mann is not visible, neither it can be shown, only we can make others understand.(27)
  • No country of the world has gone so deep in the scientific knowledge of Mann. This knowledge is only in Indian scriptures.(28)
  • This Mann is governing the intelligence. You yourself experience. This is not a thing to make understand but to experience it.(29)
  • These emotions are governing the Mann. You should experience the same.(30)
  • You observe the empire of emotions over Mann and understand the emotions such as lust, anger pride, attachment and miserliness within you.(31)
  • You study how emotions within you keep control over Mann and make it dance.(32)
  • You will understand from your studies your Mann through intelligence. As soon, as you will understand you will know the difference between intelligence and Mann.(33)
  • Page No – 191
  • With this understanding, start the study of Mann through intelligence.(34)
  • You see its strength to go round the world within hundredth part of a second. you observe its flexibility. you study through Manas Chakshu and through intelligence.(35)
  • You should also see and understand how this Mann is dragged by your internal emotions.(36)
  • Once this is understood than intelligence come to know about how our intelligence is dragged by the Mann.(37)
  • As a result the intelligence wakes up and the empire of Mann over the intelligence will be destroyed and intelligence will strengthen its hold on Mann.(38)
  • As the intelligence get control of the Mann the empire of intelligence over emotions will automatically come.(39)
  • As said earlier with the understanding of Narayan BHAV by intelligence through knowledge then inte ligence surrender to Narayan BHAV.(40)
  • Thus all the instincts surrender to Narayan BHAV. MAA has given the Darshan of this Narayarn
  • Page No – 192
  • BHAV in the Purush roop (Man’s form) Brahma Narayan and Stree Roop (Woman’s form) Brahma Laxmi.(41)
  • This is such an emotion which can not be made understand but only experienced. If even once it is experienced then all miseries, pain, worries would disappear.(42)
  • After the incoming of this emotion there will be only happiness, joy and peace in every condition.(43)
  • After the incoming of this emotion the intelligence will get all types of knowledge by self enlightenment.(44)
  • After the incoming of this emotion all the Karma are done within the level of Satvikta.(45)
  • After giving you this preliminary understanding I now show you how to do worship.(46)
  • By creating the faith and understanding in intelligence which can not be made instable that your internal and outer arrangements are due to Godly strength, you surrender your intelligence to any form of God.(47)
  • MAA has given you two Mantras.
  • Page No – 193
  • With these you have been given the Darshan of two idol for Narayan BHAV.(48)
  • You give the God this form and immerse your intelligence in God.(49)
  • You do your Karma at every moment keeping this idol before you.(50)
  • Son, you remember that this ‘Narayan Bhav’ is like milk.(51)
  • It has to be continuously kept fresh. You should regularly think about it and sing devotional songs in its praise.(52)
  • We are doing duties of our job but within ourselves we belong to our family. Just in same way we should live life as living in society but our roots are with Narayan.(53)
  • We should have the same happiness and emotion in devotion and worship which we feel when we earn money and collect the same.(54)
  • We should fix our daily routine, keeping in view our job or business timings for worship of God.(55)
  • Page No – 194
  • You should engross yourself in God during this time and recite Mantras. You will see a different Mann inside. It will take you at various places.
    You should keep this stranged Mann under control without any apprehension and submerge it in God by doing daily worship.
    In such a manner the Mann and intelligence become ready for God and the intelligence gets the exprience of God.(56)
  • This kind of daily worship may be for sometime but it should be essential that it is done regularly.
    If you get the more time you may recite more mantras but the life should be arranged in such a manner that you should pledge that certain number of Mantras are done daily.(57)
  • In the annual schedule of our life we should select atleast eight days suitable to us and remain totally engrossed in God.(58)
  • By doing this the emotions of Satvikta rise in the body and its stream flow in the entire body and instincts and emotion. It helps in restricting them on the level of Satvikta. (59)
  • Page No – 195
  • You should implore and pray God with two hands keeping at a distance of say about one foot away from eyes and urge him to direct the flow of emotion of mercy to flow towards you.(60)
  • You should never demand anything from God for harming others.(61)
  • In order to prevail a sense of sacrifice within ourselves you should do fasting. Fasting creates sense of sacrifice and the streams of Satvikta flow in the body.(62)
  • It is for this reason that in every religion the importance of fast has been accepted.(63)
  • As a result of remaining a vegetarian Satvikta increases in the body. For this there is a simple reason that the vegetarian food made first from earth, water, air, light and sky.(64)
  • This Vegetarian food as it passes through a Chaitanya, the effect of Satvikta declines and Rajas and Tamas emotions dominate over it.(65)
  • Thus as per the rule of prakruti one life is the food of another life. But first life is born from Vegetables and they contain the high
  • Page No – 196
  • proportion of Satvikta. If we become vegetariarn the proportion of Satvikta would be maintained.(66)
  • Because of this Satvikta it becomes easier for intelligence to go towards Narayan Bhav, because each emotion remains within the level of Satvikta.(67)
  • However you should not interpret this as only Vegetarian people are Satvik and they can move towards God.(68)
  • The man requires food to sustain his life as per time and place.(69)
  • For the man who is awakened from within, the food is only for sastaining the body and within him sea of Satvikta roars.(70)
  • Mann and emotion should be controlled by intelligence and sink them in Narayan Bhav.
    As a result of this your every emotion will become Satvik and it will not have any influence of Rajas or Tamas.(71)
  • If you will form a habit, your intelligence will begin to see “Godly Divine Light”. It is for this reason MAA has told you to engross your Mann and intelligence in these idols.(72)
  • Page No – 197
  • As you will proceed further in this Divine Light, you will see your existence every where and understand that every thing is within you.(73)
  • This condition would rarely be achieved. But we should have confidence that it is the “Condition”.(74)
  • You should urge and request God. You should demand for God compassion, mercy, help, guidance and to remove your unhappiness, to allow to immerse in God and to give happiness.
    We should not be ashamed for it. You should not feel ashamed by thinking what others will say?” or “What they will believe?” By keeping Mann and intelligence pure and Satvik develops ONESSNESS by pure mind.(75)
  • By doing this Godly waves will be created You will have the experience of it. Once you will have this experience you will understand everything.(76)
  • Son, remember this Narayan BHAV is to be experienced by you. You will not understand it if other will give you understanding. You try to experience this emotion by the knowledge given by me.(77)
  • Page No – 198
  • Ultimately all these expressions will become unexpressed. Everything is subject to destruction.
    Narayan is eternal and undestroyable. You immerse all your emotions, Mann and intelligence in it. You try to merge your Atma in to Narayan BHAV.(78)
  • In this endeavour by going very high level Atma becomes one with Narayan BHAV at that time that Man becomes Parmatma.(79)
  • After reaching this high level and after the death of body Atma achieves Brahmapad and merges in the eternal sea of Chaitanya of MAA.(80)
  • The people who have resumed such a high level of status, people during their life time, help a number of people to go towards Narayan BHAV and also help in removing the unhappiness from their life.(81)
  • Those people who have reached the top level are remembered with devotion by their followers after their death. So a similar form is created from Narayan BHAV.(82)
  • This invisible form helps people to impart knowledge and provide guidance. It is a scientific fact.(83)
  • Page No – 199
  • Just as the gardner knows that which flower will grow on which plant and when, similarly best person have experienced that the Narayan BHAV is in our own body.
    It should be created. by creating Narayan Bhav which spread all over the world in an invisible form, if we merge with it, we are able to see our form in the whole universe.
    So they know like the gardener that by devotion and worship this status can be achieved. In this your faith, your devotion and the purity of your Mann play important role.(84)
  • At the time of worshipping it the Mann is full of happiness, and merge with God, is coming out of entire world, merge with oneself and tries to see the internal Divine Light in the idol form, than the idol establishes itself on Manaspat (surface of mind).(85)
  • After that when recollect this idol appears on the Manaspat. You may be anywhere, in any situation but your mental condition will be such that it will turn into idol form in only half a second.(86)
  • We should form a habit that whenever we become free we should not allow our mind to wander but we should try to be merged with idol. (87)
  • Page No – 200
  • Once we achieve this status we should shift the idol in different organs of the body. In this you will behold the Mann.
    Mann would try to run away but intelligence will bring it back and it will shift the idol in every part of the body.(88)
  • Your speech, conduct and attitude will change.
    You will also find that the streams of Prkaruti also changed. You will find that all your misery and worries going away from you.(89)
  • I discuss with you earlier how to do Karma.
    Therefore you will have realisation of the condition created by Prakruti. People will think that you are suffering but your internal knowledge will wake you up within and then you will not feel unhappy.
    You will be able to remain aloof in every condition like a lotus flower.(90)
  • The Narayan BHAV prayer in Mahabharat was written by Vyas Muni. You should bring to your Manaspat the idol of Narayan BHAV shown to you.
  • परमं यो महत् तेज
    Who is great light
    परमं यो महत तप ।
    Who is great PENANCE
    परमं यो महत् ब्रह्म
    WHO IS great great BRAHM
    परमं यो परायणम्
    WHO IS completely great


  • Page No – 201
  • पवित्राणाम् पवित्रं यो
    Which is pious AMONGST pious
    मंगलानां च मंगलम
    देवतं देवतानाम् च
    who is god amongst GOD
    भूतानाम् यो व्यय पिता:
    who is father of all living.


  • नमो अनंताय सहस्त्र मूर्तये
    सहस्त्र पादाक्षीरो बाहवे।
    TO thousands of idols
    सहस्त्र नामने पुरूषाय शाश्वते
    TO thousands of eyes
    सहस्त्र कोटि युगधारिण्ये नम:
    hands and legs To the man who has thousands of names and who is ETERNAL,to him who is posses thousand of YUGAS


  • नम कमल नामाय
    नमस्ते जलशायिने।
    नमस्ते केशवानंतम्
    वासुदेव नमस्तुते


  • બ્રહ્મપુરાણની બ્રહ્મલક્ષ્મીની સ્તુતી કરવી.
  • परा निर्हमा देवी
    हरि वक्ष स्थलाक्षया।
    सा देवी पपहन्ती य
    AND who is destroying all SINS
    सानिध्य कुरूतान् मम


  • Page No – 202
  • By this prayer all types of difficulties diseases worries are destoryed The body, Mann, intelligence and Atma experience only joy and nothing but the joy.
    They experience happines and the stream of Prakruti starts flowing for you.(91)
  • You should not feel ashamed of worshipping.
    You may be high or low, caste. You are the child of the God. By understanding like that you should fondle and talk with the God.(92)
  • It is because of this, idol is important. You can talk to it. You can fondle with it and you establish the idol on the surface of your mind then talk to it, implore it, urge it, question it.(93)
  • After this the internal condition would be strenghtened then Divine Light would start.(94)
  • Once you see this divine light subsequent condition is brought about by God itself and it is not necessary to make it understand.(95)
  • Many experienced scholar and people with Satvikta directly go towards Divine Light and also get it. But people with ordinary knowldge and experience should go towards Divine Light with the help of idol.(96)
  • Page No – 203
  • It is because of this MAA has shown you idol.With its help you will come to MAA and you will behold Divine Light seen by great old saints. This Divine Light is ultimately only one. But it has been given different names.(97)
  • After this there is no need for giving any understanding because this condition will automatically make you understand all this.(98)
  • You see son, you see everyone understands this but they can not remain away from this Maya. In this selfish world you may have to face the difficulties of selfishness. But you should proceed on this path by keeping the Mann pure.
    This is the real happiness.(99)
  • The world which operates according to the rules of Man is not an eternal. On the other hand the world within is eternal, and permanent which is the “Sanatan” truth. (Truth for all time) You should believe it firmly.(100)
  • You should lift youself from all these and do Karmas which are having effect of “Satvikta” so that your light will automatically spread.(101)
  • Despite doing al! Karmas it is important that the condition within remains aloof.(102)
  • Page No – 204
  • The Godly emotion of Prakruti such as clear sky, rising sun, chirping of brids in the morning, bud form of flowers and the growing flowers, slowly blowing of wind, drizzling of rain, the emotions of Chaitanya Shakti to go forward, the full moon, the star studded sky, sunset, the flowing stream of river, sea waves, the sefless emotion of motherhood flowing from Chaitanya, the water falls every thing should be observed.
    Thus the Godly emotion which come automatically from this should be seen and experienced.(103)
  • You should cultivate a good habit of Mantrajaap in such a way that if the mind becomes free even for a small time while you should start reciting jaap and you should bring your mental condition that it starts Mantrajaap automatically when you are free.(104)
  • We should keep Mann in God by keeping equal eye towards misery, happiness, respect, insult, whatever may be received from the society.(105)
  • In every one there lies “Narayan” like us. We should try to bring this emotion and should control our mind.(106)
  • Page No – 205
  • In the world there is a world of emotion like our body. From this you should go in the world which creates happiness.
    This world means the world of knowledge of light, the world of prayers of God, the world of where thought lies for creating human happiness.
    By this it becomes easy to create “Narayan Bhav” we should not visit the place of speculation, Prostitution or meetings of wind.
    By this things there creates and obstruction in creation of Narayan Bhav”. This happens because due to this emotions of sex, anger, proud, facination miserliness creates mischief and bound our Mann.(107)
  • If at all it happens that we have to go there, we should by keeping ourselves awakened from within like lotus in the water, keep our eye towards “Narayan Bhav”.(108)
  • Every thing and every emotion is created by God for its own purpose. We should understand this by awakening us within ourselves and we should be engrossed in God.(109)
  • In our work we should believe that we are representatives of God and we should discharge our duty with dedication.(110)
  • Page No – 206
  • The whole world functions believing that others should discharge their duties”, but one do not perform one’s own duty”.
    In fact we should remove the emotion right from the root that others should do for us and we should do our duties.
    Such an approach would not create among us the sense of dissatisfaction, hate or similar feelings when some body does not work for us.(111)
  • Everywhere there is “Narayan” you should believe this and by the help of “Narayan Bhav” which lies within, you should create love and only love and mercy. By doing this “Narayan Bhav” is being created easily.(112)
  • We should try to help others to the extent possible and should ensure that in any circumtances we should not cause injuries, disruption or obstacles to others.
    Because by such emotions you are doing the work of Narayan Bhav and thus in our body Narayan Bhav or Godly Bhav is created.(113)
  • All the things you see in the world are not ours but of the God and whatever things you have received is due to mercy of God. We
  • Page No – 207
  • Should bring such emotions which will result he domination of Godly Bhav and there ll be a feeling of obligation and love towards God.(114)
  • Our behaviour towards others should be organised in such a way that the Narayan Bhav in others is awakened and respect and love for us is created. This will also encourage the Narayan Bhav within us.(115)
  • We should create an emotion that at every moment the God is with us. God is seeing everything.
    Long back the man had not discovered X-Ray.
    But God had got it. We discovered and started observing the organs within the body. Thus the God had the vision to see every thing that from the beginning and we should also think like this.
    Therefore you should not hate science but love it and also experience the Godly strength.
    By thinking like this one can have an impression of the great strength of Godly emotions.(116)
  • You were asking me that how to do worship with devotion. This type of life style is also a part of devotion and worship because the Narayan Bhav is created by this. Our intelligence can experience it and after the experience intelligence never abandons these emotions.(117)
  • Page No – 208
  • You should see various religions with respect as the same is one of the path for creating Narayan Bhav i.e. Iswariya Bhav. You should understand this.(118)
  • According to the Indian scriptutes in every man there is the Narayan Bhav and a Man who awakens within sees and experience it.
    This experience is individual for each man and one understands in his own way. All paths are coming to this emotion.
    Therefore we should have feelings of love and respect towards every religion.(119)
  • God himself has shown different paths to experience God and you should understand that those paths lead you to God.(120)
  • By seeing HUMANNESS in every man and keeping a vision towards ONENESS of HUMANNESS, one creates ripples of Godly emotions in the body. By the ripples of love to all the Godly emotion becomes operative.(121)
  • The common HUMANNESS in the man and experience of basic Godly emotions are experienced by the people by residing with the people belonging to not only one religion but different religions and people of different
  • Page No – 209
  • languags and persons of different colours. They exeprienced that God takes HUMANNESS towards ONENESS. Thus one can experience Godly or Narayan Bhav.(122)
  • For geting such an experience India is a great sacred land. Here flows the streams of Godly love in most of the people and every one is trying to lift HUMANNESS.(123)
  • When the other countries of the world will understand the fundamental of Indian mandate of giving priority to ONENESS of HUMANNESS which lying at the roots of India, and thereby to develop HUMANNESS, then India will become a Guide to all the countries on this earth.(124)
  • Thus eye towards HUMANNESS and ONENESS created the Narayan Bhav. And the man proceeds towards God as soon as he gets this vision.(125)
  • Thus by diverting the life towards this road you get love and only love from the people coming in the stream of your life at every moment.
    It creates happiness to you and to those coming in touch with you. It is only the God’s task and it is God’s or Narayan’s worship.(126)
  • Page No – 210
  • Remember son, the Man who helps others, loves others and shares other’s miseries becomes God for others and become the representative of God. This is Godly devotion.(127)
  • Devotion and worship do not mean that you should ramain alone and resorts to rosary. But engross the intelligence in Godly, emotions and in the every work of life, you should have Godly vision.(128)
  • Sometimes you would have very little time at your disposal and if you postpone the worship of God with an idea that you will be able to worship the God only for some time this is not proper.
    Even if you have very little time to pray God, you should not waste even that much time.(129)
  • At the time of worshipping Mann is not stable. Emotions are trying to grab it. At such a time some time we do not sit for worshipping by saying that “Mann” is not in control.
    This is wrong. You should sit for worship because even only a moment can connect your Mann’s T.V with god’s T.V. station and at that time that moment may become your liberator.(130)
  • Page No – 211
  • It is not necessary to have knowledge for worshipping God because Narayan Bhav itself is great Light of knowledge.
    You should try to raise Narayan Bhav as per your competence.
    This effort may be small but you should not be disheartened. But you should continue your effort. you should keep faith in that.
    This emotion will emerge in you-the Godly emotion without fail and you will understand every thing.(131)
  • This life is a small station in the eternal pilgrimage of Atma. If you will think and understand like that you will automatically have an experience of Narayan Bhav or Godly Bhav.(132)
  • You should see that every moment of life, every task of life, every operation of life is used in awakening Iswariya Bhav or the Narayan Bhav.
    By living life on the basic of this, Narayan Bhav you will have an experience of Divine Light.(133)
  • After that every thing is to be experienced by yourself. You will get a divine experience that you are an undestroyable part of the whole world, you are in the world and the world is in you.(134)
  • Page No – 212
  • I made you understand devotion and worship in different form in the manner that your understanding power understand it.
    I made you understand as to how to utilise every moment of your life for worship of God and devotion towards him.(135)
  • If you will follow the way towards God described by me in different methods, it would mean that you are doing worship and such devotion will definitely raise Narayan Bhav in you and you will achieve Divine Light.(136)
  • I bless you that there emerges “Divine Light” in you.(137)
  • End of Chapter 16